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VAMA Version 4.00
A lot has happened in the base at the event management software VAMA! It was completely converted to a Microsoft C # and.Net Framework v4.62.
The Styrian Talent Center was opened on 15 September 2016
The Talent Center of the Economic Chamber of Styria was opened on the campus of the former Rosenhof school. With this institution, Styrian teenager are now supported to find the optimal educational and vocational path. The complete software for the online registration, the test stations at the headquarter as well as the evaluation of the results were developed by us.
New employee at CDS
We have increased our Team at Graz, therefore we welcome Lukas RAUDNER at Concept Data !
Order processing, store management, production planning for electroplating companies
 pewag / Austria, Czech Republic
Pröpper Galvanik GmbH / Germany
Sewage neutralisation
 pewag / Austria
Production-data compilation, quality assurance
 pewag / Austria
Online information system for production processes
 pewag / Austria
Production control system, high-bay warehouse
 pewag / Austria
Laboratory automation system for paper industry
 SAPPI / Austria, Belgium, Holland, Germany
Norske Skog / Austria
Data-collectors for process control and quality information systems
 SAPPI / Austria, Germany
Shipping warehouse automation
 SAPPI / Austria
Norske Skog / Austria
LPS – Production control systems
 Kaufmann / Austria
EIS – Energy Information System
 Steirische Fernwärme GmbH / Austria
Trade and Commerce
Human resource management and time recording
 Sorger / Austria
Cakman / Austria
SoftSwitch – radio processor drive
 Tenovis GmbH / Austria
InfoWare – information and goods management system
 NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG / Austria
WNet – sports betting system
 Jackpoint GmbH / Austria
Authorities and Public Institutions
Flood warning service
 Styrian Government
Expert opinion administration
 Styrian Government
Budget preview for accomodation subsidies
 Styrian Government
Ordering, budget auditing
 WIFI and Chamber of Commerce, Styria
Inventory and store management
 WIFI and Chamber of Commerce, Styria
Course planning, management of participants and course documentation
 WIFI / Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Tyrol, Burgenland
Bauakademie Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria
Monitor information systems
 WIFI Styria
WIFI Burgenland
Calculation of basic levy and administration
 Chamber of Commerce / Styria
Tumour documentation
 Graz Regional Hospital
Development of databank concepts
 Styrian medical association
ReSy - Room reservation system
 Association of Austrian Youth Hostels
Austrian Youth Hostel Organisation
Austrian traffic authority
Youth and family guesthouses / Styria, Salzburg, Vorarlberg
ReSy – Internet reservation system
 Association of Austrian Youth Hostels
Austrian Youth Hostel Organisation
GastroReSy – Restaurant table reservation system
 Wienerwald / Austria
Austrian traffic authority
Branch Solutions - Horticulture
PAT - Plant Production Administration Trade
Branch solutions for nurseries and horticultural businesses, production planning, order management, journey planning, comparison of data between different production sites
 Aartsen Young Plants b.v. (NL)
Andreas Psenner e. G. ( I )
Andres GbR Gemüse- und Jungpflanzen (D)
Beppler KFT (H)
Bioland Jungpflanzen Bärthele GdbR (D)
Biro - Kertészeti és Kereskedelmi Kft.(H)
Blumenbörse (A)
Braam Youngplants (NL)
Brandkamp GmbH (D)
Bruno Nebelung GmbH & Co (D, PL)
Combinations B.V. (NL)
De Kiepenkerl B.V. (NL)
Dümmen GmbH (D, I, F, E, CR, USA, ETH)
Ebbing-Lohaus Vertriebs GmbH (D)
Elsner PAC Jungpflanyen GbR (D)
Eisemann GbdR (D)
Fleurantalya A.S. (TR)
FlorElite Plants & Seeds (NL)
Fleuronova Pflanzen GmbH (D)
Franz Piepel Gartenbaubetrieb (D)
Franz Veit Jungpflanzen ( I )
G3 Ungplanter AS (N)
Gartenbau Kloer (D)
Gartenbau Liede (D)
Gartenbau Rossmann (A)
Gartenbau Wilhelm Böck & Sohn (D)
Gartenbaubetrieb Hans H. Klemmer (D)
Gartenbaubetrieb Homann GbR (D)
Gemüse-Jungpflanzen-Betrieb Trübenbach (D)
Granoplant AG (CH)
Grünewald Kft (H)
Gunkel Jungpflanzen (D)
Herbert Weidenauer KEG (A)
Herneth Günter Gartenbaubetrieb (A)
Highlands Plants Cuttings LTD (EAK)
Jonge Planten Grünewald B. V. (NL)
Jungpflanzen Gernert GbR (D)
Jungpflanzen Grünewald (D)
Jungpflanzen Lüske (D)
Jungpflanzen Meyer GbR (D)
Jungpflanzen Scherr (A)
Jungpflanzen Stefan (D)
Jungpflanzenanzucht Günter von Hacht (D)
Kühne Jungpflanzen (D)
Maresme Planteles S.L. (E)
M.M. Szaj (PL)
M. van Veen B.V. (NL)
Peter Stader Jungpflanzen (D)
Pflanzen-Agentur-Nord GmbH (D)
Plantations Plants Kenya LTD (EAK)
Renner GmbH & Co.KG (A)
Rudolf Sinn GmbH & Co KG (D)
Samen Aders GmbH & Co.KG (D)
Sarl Plantes du Périgord (F)
Savanna Plants K Limited (EAK)
Schmülling Jungpflanzen (D)
SL Palanta Kft (H)
Swissplant GmbH (CH)
Syngenta (NL)
Tenerife Plantas S.L. (E)
Terra Floris d.o.o. (HR)
Vrtko d.o.o. (SLO)
Walz Gartenbau OHG (D)
Wunderlich Wolfgang Gartenbaubetrieb (D) at a glance